Bulk Products Order

About Bulk Products Order

Bulk Products Order app displays multi-variant product’s list in product page above the add to cart button. As well as you can place it anywhere within the product page on just one click.


Key Points

  1. Bulk Products Order App is used to help the customer to order multiple variants products in just one click.
  2. This app saves time to order multi-variant product’s repeatedly on the product page.
  3. The store owner can place the multi-variant product’s list anywhere on the product page.

Quick Installation?

  1. Bulk Products Order app is very simple to install, use and setup. The store owner can install and setup in just a few clicks.

Why do you need to install it?

  1. In one small survey, we know that customers are spending more time to order multi-variants product’s on the product page so this app will help customers to order multi-variant products in bulk.
  2. It influences your customer to order multiple items and It has a chance to increases your sell after showing a list of multi-variants products on the product page.
  3. Your wholesale customers have didn’t need to find the products, because they will get each multi-variant item in your product page.
  4. Instead of showing products list in the specific page to bulk order, using this app customer will get the exact item which they want.

Main Feature

  1. Easily Enable/Disable the app
  2. Can change the section title of Bulk Products Order which will show above the product variation listing.
  3. Enable/Disable the product’s image
  4. Enable/Disable the product’s quantity box
  5. Enable/Disable the product’s price
  6. Enable/Disable the product’s stock
  7. Marchant can choose the option where they want to display product variants list in the product page.
  8. Change the color of product title and quantity box.
  9. Manage product title font size.

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